5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Working Mom in Healthcare

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Working Mom in Healthcare

Mother’s Day is only days away (Sunday, May 12, 2019), and you’ve heard your friend, Suzy, is buying a new pair of gorgeous earrings for her mom; meanwhile, you’ve been stuck in the same flowers and a card rut for the past few years. Now, before we go any further, let’s talk about mom. Your mother is a healthcare professional that spends the majority of her working week at a hospital, clinic, dental office or pharmacy, and what should you get your working mother who spends hours on her feet providing valuable, selfless healthcare service to others?

Fret not, friends! We’re here to help you out with 5 great Mother’s Day gifts ideas for the mom that selflessly gives. Additionally, AC Uniforms & More has you covered with in-store promotions and the perfect options for gifting mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Matching Scrub Tops & Bottoms

Doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals each have scrubs in the wardrobe. Comfortable, flexible, easy to clean materials mean your mother spends less time worrying about her uniform wardrobe and more time enjoying her work. Scrubs provide the comfort your mother needs to get through a busy shift or a stressful day.

AC Uniforms & More carries a wide variety of brands, but pictured here is a pair of our May 2019 Vendor of the Month Healing Hands Purple Label scrubs. Right now, you can buy a scrub top and bottom and receive 50% off the top when you shop Healing Hands scrubs in-store at our Lubbock, Texas location.

Do you already know your mom dearly loves her scrubs, but you also don’t want to get mom something she already has? Read on for four more ideas.

2. A Sporty Scrub Jacket

The second item on our list goes great with scrubs and will help your mother stay warm and stylish. The scrub jacket is a nice addition to any uniform outfit and means your mother can enjoy the same comfortable and flexible material of scrubs in an outer layer, as well. Plus, scrub jackets are great outerwear for the workday, as well as for a casual day outside of work.

Our Cherokee Statement scrub jacket is pictured here. This jacket’s rose gold accents and zip up front ensure a comfortable fit with a fashionable appeal. Paired with matching or complimentary scrubs, this jacket would be a wonderful gift for any mother working in healthcare.

3. One-of-a-Kind Mariana Jewelry

Maybe you are looking to pick up something hand-crafted and elegant? Mariana Jewelry speaks for itself. Healthcare professionals who like to accessorize will love Mariana Jewelry for the added glamour and uniqueness that this jewelry can provide to an outfit.

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind Mariana necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all available in-store at AC Uniforms & More. Come in before Mother’s Day to take advantage of in-store promotions, such as purchasing one Mariana jewelry piece at 25% off and receiving a second piece for free!

4. A Durable Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are often thought of as the signature tool of many professionals in the medical field. Most people picture their nurse, doctor, veterinarian and other clinicians wearing a stethoscope around their neck. Make sure your mother is pictured wearing a quality stethoscope that best suits her diligent work.

Additionally, a great stethoscope should consist of quality materials. Our 3M Littmann’s stethoscopes are consistent in quality, as well as innovative. These stylish and durable stethoscopes are the perfect, yet practical gift for your mother.

5. An AC Uniforms & More Gift Card

All of the gifts on this list are wonderful for a mother in the healthcare field, but perhaps, you would rather let your mother choose for herself what she wants most? Again, AC Uniforms & More has you covered with a gift card to ensure your mother will be able to choose her favorite item. Scrubs, jewelry, stethoscopes, shoes and more can all be purchased in-store, and a gift card is a perfect option for a mother who needs it all.

Scrub tops and bottoms, scrub top jackets, Mariana jewelry, durable stethoscopes, and gift cards are 5 gift ideas for the healthcare professional mother in your family. Whether you want to provide your mother with stylish and comfortable uniform attire, beautiful hand-crafted jewelry or practical and quality tools of the trade, AC Uniforms & More has you covered.

Your mother deserves the best, and despite what gift you choose to give, it should be with her in mind. Plus, our in-store promotions give you the ability to shop for your mother on a budget while ensuring she knows how much you care for her. Come visit us in-store to take advantage, and Happy Mother’s Day from everyone here at AC Uniforms and more!

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